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Monthly posts about project updates. Or at least, mostly about project updates, and probably veering into other topics pretty often.

January 2024 Update

The short version: I moved!

Unfortunately, that means no progress on any other projects recently. No time to work on Porydex, or Shifty Squares, or any fiction writing. Nearly every free day for the last month and a half has been devoted to some aspect of The Move, whether by way of the physical labor of moving everything from point A to point B, or communications with our lawyer who was handling all the direct interaction with the people we were trying to leave behind.

The long version:

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December 2023 Update

First, let’s answer a question that’s been hanging in the back of everyone’s minds for the entire year: Yes, I can!

It’s been an extremely busy month, for more reasons than I can say. I mean that literally. Lawyers are involved. And not in the fun way, where you’re applying for copyright protections for a creative project or whatever. I mean in the bad way, where you’re helping a loved one through a real rough time. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk about it in a few months. In the meantime though, here’s all the actual project updates you’re here for:

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June 2023 Update

A short post, mainly for the sake of posting. Gotta keep up that “posting at least once every month” streak, even when I’m otherwise spending all my time playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

So. What have I been doing since my last life update?

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