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Did you know? Jesse Pirnat has a minor in Philosophy from a prestigious engineering school that has nothing to do with the liberal arts. That means he’s like, super qualified to ramble about “deep” “topics” that actually mean nothing.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

The speed of time

It’s a commonly held idea that time seems to pass faster as we get older. That the seasons lasted forever when we were kids, and the years fly by now that we’re adults. That when we were young, each day felt like an eternity—because each day was a more noteworthy percentage of the entire time we’d been alive so far—and now that we’re older, a whole month can pass by in a snap—because what’s one more month when you’ve already been alive for hundreds of them?

 I think this idea is wrong.

(Sorry kids, this post doesn’t apply to you. You aren’t allowed to read it I guess; it’s X-rated now. The X stands for “existential.”)

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