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These are some of the short stories I’ve written. Thanks for reading!

Running – Chapter 1

Saturday, May 12, 2:58 AM

Nobody talks about Eugene Malone anymore. Once upon a time, he was the most feared and revered criminal known in this city. Practically the leader of the local mafia. A person with enough connections to make him legally invulnerable. Possibly one of the most dangerous people in the state. But ever since his disappearance a few weeks ago, Malone has left the public’s eye. He’s being forgotten. I don’t like that.

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Cliff Hung’s Guide

Cliff Hung’s Comprehensive Guide To Getting Laid Like A Rock Star (Who Gets Laid All The Time)

Hey bros, are you ready for another session with your favorite pickup game guru, Cliff Hung? Today I’ve got four great new techniques for you to try out at your favorite local club. These techniques are tried and true and sure to lead you to lead the woman of your dreams straight to your bed, in 48 hours or less! By utilizing these quirks in female psychology, you’ll be rolling in the doe-eyed damsels in no time flat. But not like flat as in chest, I mean flat as in your sex life if you don’t follow these tips!

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The Biography of Jesse Lucifurious

The date was January 16th, 1991. At exactly 6:66 PM, a series of earthquakes struck the tri-state area. Seismologists would later discover when mapping their epicenters that they formed a pentagram centered around an abandoned hospital in New Jersey. And so it was that Jesse Lucifurious Christian Pirnat was born.

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