A short post, mainly for the sake of posting. Gotta keep up that “posting at least once every month” streak, even when I’m otherwise spending all my time playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

So. What have I been doing since my last life update?

  • Playing Tears of the Kingdom. Obviously. I’ve put in over 200 hours already, in the 40 days since it released. That’s more time than I even put into Breath of the Wild! And there are still so many quests and things I haven’t done yet! This game is huge.
  • Listening to the Waybound (Cradle Book 12) audiobook. I’m 75% through it, and really taking my time with it. This is my favorite book series of all time and I’m not ready for it to be over.
  • Writing a mysterious new story project: a collaborative novel with fellow Quinlan Circle writer B. A. Baker. This novel is intentionally planned to never see the light of day — it’s main purposes are 1) to be a practice run and a semi-canonical prequel for our next big collab project, and 2) to get me writing fiction again. So far, it is working on both counts.
  • Planning for the major game development project I’m going to take on as soon as I’m “finished” with Tears of the Kingdom. And also the minor game dev projects I’ll need to complete before I’m ready to tackle the big one.
  • As always, scattered thoughts on ways I could do better on a not-so-hypothetical rewrite of URGY. I just can’t move on from this stupid story… because I know how much potential it has, if I can do it better than the rush job that was the version I shared in 2021.

And plenty of other minor things, but those are the big exciting ones.