At the end of my last monthly update, I mentioned how I had been reading the web serial Katalepsis—and that, having just finished with Arc 12, I was probably “done with this story for good.”

Well… That barely lasted 2 weeks.

In the last 20 days, I’ve read Arcs 13 through 17. That’s 75 chapters, which I’ve been reading at an average pace of around 34 minutes each, for a total of 42.7 reading hours this month. (Because for some stupid reason, I’ve been keeping track of that in a reading progress spreadsheet, all the way back to when I read Arc 1 early last year.) (The stupid reason was that I thought it’d be neat to have all the time stats if I ever finished reading the whole thing. Which at this rate, I guess I will.)

So. That’s the main thing I’ve been doing lately, I guess.

Also, for the last week I’ve thrown myself into Super Mario Bros. Wonder. That game is truly a delight, from beginning to end. As great as any of the classic Super Mario games are, if not better.

As far as creative projects go: I put the game dev on pause for the last few weeks, when I realized/remembered that SMBW was going to be releasing in just another week. (Which was why I then threw myself so hard into the Katalepsis reading—I didn’t want to get too mentally deep in a game project when I knew I’d slam it to a halt to play SMBW as soon as it came out.)

But the game idea I mentioned last month, the one that didn’t have a playable prototype yet? It has a playable prototype now, and I’m relieved to discover that it’s actually fun! Now I just need to get good artwork for it, and music, and probably a hundred other bits of polish and pizazz.

Or, I could drop it and start another new project, as my creativity-ADHD is starting to demand. (Creative writing is starting to look awfully appealing again, what with the fact that all it requires is writing, as opposed to writing + programming + artwork + music. Maybe it’s time to give NaNoWriMo another go.)